Samstag, 18. September 2010

Skilltree Resto Shaman

Now this is the part where it gets really tricky, there are a lot of different speccs u can go as a resto shaman, depending on your setup, depending on wheter u like to use LHW, HW or even Chainheal, ive seen top tier players usin the most different speccs within the same mmr in, so our main Rule should be:

Whatever works for you, works.

But nontheless there are a several must have skills in the Shaman Healtree.  BUT as a Shaman you are very adaptable to every encounter, Windshear, Grounding Totem, Around the corner in Ghostwolf against Casters. U can kite several melees with Ghostwolf, Frostshock, Slow totem, Hex.

Adaptable Playstyle - Adaptable Healspeccs

So as u can see there are many ways how a heal shaman could Roll. Even I am not sure if my specc is currently the best for my playstyle, but there are several Questions u could ask yourself, and with a  little bit of WoW Gaming Sense and alot of PLAYTIME, you should be able to find your "Best" Shaman Specc.
The Questions:

- Is Mana an Issue?
     - HELL NO  -> more crit, more purge!
     - HELL YES -> less crit gear,more mp5, try HW with Shield Orb Proc, effetive purges, Watershield up?

- Am i playing a Comp with alot of defensive skills i.e. Warrior, Deathknight, etc
     - maybe u can go for a HW build . i.e. Meleecleave

- Am i getting hardbursted  by alot of comps? 
     - Defskills i.e. Absorb Totem, Natures Guardian, alot of around the corner -> LHW more CRIT!

-  Does my spec fit my playstyle?
    - i.e. your using a HW specc with a LHW heavy playstyle

I will ad more Questions over time that should do for now, feel free to post a comment below.


  1. I'm suprised anyone but me plays Shaman ;)

  2. you know, i am starting to like this game more and more...

  3. really good info

  4. Very good info dude. I'll have to follow this on my shaman.

  5. Interesting and educating post!


  6. Good stuff, although my shammys like 40ish atm, probably wont see ICC till just pre-Cata :[

  7. every time i read thsi blog i want to play wow again

  8. I´d like to start PvP with my Shaman, but Cataclysm will be there soon, so it doesn´t make much sense to start now :/

  9. what is this? >=(

    check my poll, every vote is helpful. He said its gonna be huge.

    smoochies n' poopies :*

  10. mmm.. how long does Blizzard hold on to characters? I think I'm going to start playing again...